Moonfruits and Pony Girl @ Ravenswing Arts & Music Fair [May 29, 2016]

This is my favorite time in May when summer is starting and this great event happens.
It is Ravenswing Arts & Music fair that takes place on Minto Park.
This being a special one because they celebrated their 10th anniversary.
If you aren’t familiar Ravenswing is a fair that features crafts, zines, live music, free skill-sharing workshops and local food vendors!
Also they partner with the Clothesline Project, a public art exhibit to end violence against women.
Ravenswing 2016
I didn’t check out all of the live music acts but the ones I managed to see were Moonfruits, Final Fall and Pony Girl.
Pony Girl @ Ravenswing 10th Anniversary
Click below for more photos.
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