Mother Mother – Oh My ♥ (Review)

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Last Friday I went to see this band called Mother Mother.
I haven’t heard of them but my friends were telling me about their music and how they were in Ottawa doing some shows at college and university.
I’ve decided not to go to those shows since I will feel awkward being around students and I don’t go to school anymore.
On the album “Oh My ♥” has alot of catchy indie pop rock BC sound.
The title track Oh My ♥ sounds abit like The Killers with a mix of fun.
Burning Pile has that R&B poppy alternative sound.
Body of Years is the typical alternative rock track.

Overall the album has that influence of The New Pornographer with abit of hip-hop and catchy pop tunes.

Get this album and you will not be disappointed.
Best tracks:

  • Oh My Heart
  • Burning Pile
  • Body Of Years
  • Try To Change
  • Ghosting
  • Hayloft
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Sleep Awake
  • Heart Heavy

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