Mozart’s Sister & Roberta Bondar @ Pressed [October 23, 2012]

It was a fun Tuesday night at Pressed.
A mix of indie rock and indie fun dance pop.
Playing at the show was:
Mozart’s Sister

Roberta Bondar

Originally Montreal’s Tops was suppose to be on the bill but had to back out due to something big and exciting for them (hint The xx).
The show started off with Ottawa’s Roberta Bondar.
I’ve seen them live various times and they never disappoint with their indie noise rock music.
They put on an elaborate set that included a plastic sheet and costumes making it a pre-Halloween kind of show.
Sadly their smoke machine crapped out on them.
But they delivered a really loud rocking set.

Lastly it was Montreal’s Mozart’s Sister.
This being the first time in Ottawa for her to play live.
For those not aware, it is the brainchild of Caila Thompson-Hannant of ex-Think About Life and ex-Shapes and Sizes.
Having seen her twice this year, I really wanted to enjoy her blend of indie synth pop electronic-dance music.
She started off with a mellow song which almost got me choked up. 😛
Then things got moving with her upbeat dance music.
She played one of the new tracks and she accidentally pressed delete by mistake.
But the audience didn’t mind.
I really enjoyed the set and couldn’t stop dancing to the music.
Overall the set was great and very intimate for those that was there.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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