MW2K #21- #30

Here is #21-#30 of MW2K.
So there might be some surprises in this list.
So enjoy this part.

  1. Demon Day – Gorillaz (2005)

  2. Who thought their second would be as big as their first album.
    Best tracks are Dare, Dirty Harry and Feel Good Inc.

  3. Ashtray Rock – Joel Plaskett Emergency (2007)

  4. Album is simply a rock driven album with some poppy sound. Great conceptual album about the town he live and what it was like being a teenager.
    Best tracks are Drunk Teenagers, Fashionable People, Face Of The Earth, Nothing More To Say and Snowed In/Crusin’.

  5. Graduation – Kanye West (2007)

  6. One of his better albums that was released in this decade. Mix of R&B/Hip-hop. First time hearing Kanye West sampling a Daft Punk track.
    Best tracks are Stronger, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Flashing Lights and Homecoming feat. Chris Martin.

  7. Come Away With Me – Norah Jones (2002)

  8. Norah’s sultry vocals got people loving her music. Also made blues/jazz very popular.
    Best tracks are Don’t Know Why, Come Away With Me and Turn Me On.

  9. It’s BlitzYeah Yeah Yeahs (2009)

  10. A change in sound in previous efforts when you listen to Zero and Heads Will Roll. The band justs want to party.
    Best tracks are Zero, Heads Will Roll, Skeleton, Dull Life, Runaway and Hysteric.

  11. Face ControlHandsome Furs (2009)

  12. Their second album is more of a dance album and you can’t stop dancing to it.
    Best tracks are Legal Tender, Talking Hotel Arbat Blues, I’m Confused, Thy Will Be Done and Radio Kaliningrad.

  13. The Love Below/Speakerboxx – Outkast (2003)

  14. When the duo released this album, it is was a change in style with both musicians. Big Boi with his rap/hip-hop and André 3000 going into pop, funk, R&B and jazz.
    Its one of those double albums that makes you decided which one you like the most.
    Best tracks on Speakerboxx are Ghetto Musik, The Way You Move and Flip Flop Rock
    Best tracks on The Love Below are Hey Ya!, Roses, Love In War, My Favorite Things and Take Off Your Cool feat. Norah Jones

  15. Some Are LakesLand Of Talk (2008)

  16. Very gritty, rocking with some added indie rock and pop which is great to listen to.
    Best tracks are Yuppy Flu, The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle), Give Me Back My Heart Attack, Young Bridge (I like the P-Dub version alot), Corner Phone and Got A Call.

  17. Alright Still… – Lily Allen (2007)

  18. Debut album by Lily and it was all in the help with Myspace. Alright Still… showcased the talent of her music and lyrics full of British alternative-grime-pop. Love or Hate her, she knows how to get people talking.
    Best tracks are Smile, Knock ‘Em Out LDN, Littlest Things

  19. Where The Bungalows RoamJim Bryson (2007)

  20. The reigning Ottawa King of Folk-Rock at the moment. “Where The Bungalows Roam” is a very acoustic, mellow album. A really great album which is catchy, enjoyable and emotional
    Best tracks are Flowers, By The Bridge, Clear The Crowds, The Wishes Pile Up, Fire Watch, All The Fallen Leaves and The Options.

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