MW2K #41-#50

If you have not notice, I have been doing a decades list which is called MW2K.
Doing a list of the best albums from 2000 to 2009.
So far you can find out from #51-#100 on here.
Here is #41-#50.

  1. Aaliyah – Aaliyah (2001)

  2. It was a shock in 2001 when Aaliyah was tragically killed in an airplane crash. Her music and legacy will still live on.
    This album is full of pop, R&B/Soul and probably is one of her best and personal album.
    Best tracks are We Need A Resolution, Rock Da Boat and More Than A Woman.

  3. Elephant – The White Stripes (2003)

  4. This is the only the White Stripes album that I own. It was probably a start of their popularity thanks to the song Seven Nation Army.
    A great garage rocking album.
    Best tracks are Seven Nation Army and The Hardest Button To Button

  5. Close To Paradise – Patrick Watson (2006)

  6. Patrick was the second artist to win the Polaris Prize. It is a creative artsy dreamy album.
    Its like what the title of the album suggests. Light, mellow and dreamy.
    Best tracks are Close To Paradise, Daydreamer, The Storm and Luscious Life.

  7. Andorra – Caribou (2007)
  8. Andorra CD album
    The third artist to win the Polaris Prize. This album is a mix of psychedelic electronica.
    Has that 60s feel and just makes you want to dance your butt off.
    Best tracks are Melody Days, Sandy and Niobe

  9. Garden State Soundtrack – Various Artist (2008)

  10. The only soundtrack I would recommend from this decade.
    The movie is one of my favorites (who can’t you not love Natalie Portman).
    Best tracks are Don’t Panic by Coldplay, In The Waiting Line by Zero 7, The Only Living Boy In New York by Simon & Garfunkel and Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine.

  11. Jackson Square – Arkells (2008)

  12. Its their first full-length album and its chalk full of great rocking tunes.
    Best tracks are Deadlines, Pulling Punches, Oh,The Boss Is Coming, The Ballad Of Hugo Chavez, Heart In The City and John Lennon.

  13. Women – Women (2008)
  14. CD, album cover
    Their music is a mix of indie pop and alternative.
    Has this psychedelic noisy sound or Beach Boys sound.
    Best tracks are Black Rice, Sag Harbour Bridge and Shaking Hands

  15. Red, Yellow and Blue – Born Ruffians (2007)

  16. Their debut album got this Toronto band big into the UK music market.
    Best tracks are Red, Yellow and Blue, Hummingbird, I Need A Life, Kurt Vonnegut and Red Elephant.

  17. Parc Avenue – Plants and Animals (2008)

  18. This trio from Montreal released this great indie rock album. Its a throwback to the 60s or 70s rock style of music.
    Best tracks are Bye Bye Bye, Good Friend, Faerie Dance, Mercy and Guru.

  19. Amnesiac – Radiohead (2001)

  20. First of a few Radiohead albums in this list.
    This one is the human side of Kid A which was released in the same year.
    Best tracks are Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box, Pyramid Song and Like Spinning Plates.

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