New Swears, The Thrill and Cole Sauve @ Babylon Nightclub

Here goes and say what you will to what went on June 15th at Babylon Nightclub.
It was the long awaited LP release for New Swear‘s Night Mirror.
Arrived like at around 10:30pm thinking I would be there during the Thrill‘s set.
But I got there when Cole Sauve was performing.
I will be honest and very sorry to say this, I really didn’t like his set.
I know they are trying to mix it up with a hip-hop set.
But it was just bad and it was like a trainwreck. 3/10.
The Thrill totally rocked it out the park with their set of indie punk rock music!!
Somehow I thought the lead singer was channeling Andrew W.K. 8/10.
FYI: Photos from The Thrill and Cole Sauve will be up on Tuesday.
Of course enough has been said about New Swears.
All I will have to say it was a totally bonkers of a show.
While the one song that they played from the new album was Bon Voyage.
The rest was all the good ol’ sing along tracks like Day Dreaming, See You in Hull, 777 and others.
A hot sweaty show filled with singing, chaotic moshing and crowdsurfing.
There was an inflatable unicorn and of course confetti and silly string.
What more do you want and expect from New Swears? 10/10.

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