Nick Ferrio – Every Time [Music Video]

Today, Nick Ferrio dropped the music video and single for Every Time.
The leading track is taken from his upcoming LP called Television Of Roses which comes out on June 18, 2021.
A cool upbeat folk rocking tune.

About the track:
Lyrically, “Every Time” is “really about my own mental health,” says Ferrio.
“The lyrics act as a reminder for me to ‘live more in the moment.’ Like a lot of people, I tend to get stuck in cycles of critical thinking and self-doubt.
I often question myself and wonder, am I making the right decision? Am I on the ‘right path’ or did I wander off somewhere along the way?
I get stuck on these BIG QUESTIONS like what is my purpose in life – when in reality I’m missing the important things as they happen because I’m too busy worrying!

I eventually had this realization that this is it.
This is my life, and I’ve got to embrace it – the highs, the lows and whatever happens in between.
It’s about enjoying the moments because they’re precious.
And, in a sense the song sort of celebrates that discovery.”

Every Time gets:

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