Nightbox & Fevers @ Cafe Dekcuf [January 24, 2012]

It was a indie pop night at Cafe Dekcuf on January 24, 2012.
Playing at the show were:
Nightbox @ Cafe Dekcuf
Fevers @ Cafe Dekcuf

I haven’t been an “All Ages” show at Cafe Dekcuf in quite some time.
I was there to see Fevers and Nightbox play live.
There was a good turnout for a show on a Tuesday night.
Nightbox @ Cafe Dekcuf
Ottawa’s Fever started off the show.
They played mostly from Passion is Dead.
I think they played one new song.
They put on a solid set filled with upbeat indie electro-dancey-pop music.
Fevers @ Cafe Dekcuf
Also help them make their first video.

Then Nightbox was up next.
This was my third time seeing them.
Last time was on November 23, 2011 (Listen to the interview I did :P) when they opened up for Lights.
I actually enjoyed it this time.
Because I was upclose to the band.
It was a fun set filled with indie electro-rock and pop music.
Funny thing happened when they played their last song “Relocate You”.
A girl shriek saying “OMG it’s Relocate You”. The members laughed.
Of course at the end they went wild.
Nightbox @ Cafe Dekcuf
Here is what Nightbox sang (Since I took their setlist)

  • Utopia
  • Body of a Man
  • Bears
  • You Can Call Me
  • Sister
  • Kid Gloves
  • Waves
  • Pyramid
  • Fumes
  • Relocate You

A really an impressive set!
I can’t wait to what the full album sounds like.
Word has it that it might come out in the summer.
Nightbox @ Cafe Dekcuf
Here are the rest of the photos.

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