No Filter – April 22, 2024

Welcome to No Filter, the radio show that brings you the best music you’ve never heard on CHUO 89.1FM.
Each week, I curate a playlist of diverse and unique tracks from up-and-coming artists and established musicians alike.
My goal is to introduce the listeners to new and exciting music that they may not have discovered otherwise.
On this week’s episode, tracks by Geoffroy, Cindy Lee and Hana Vu

Empowering Women in the Music Industry 2024 happening this Thursday to Saturday at various venues like NAC, Arts Court, Club Saw and 27 Club.
pHoenix Pagliacci – close2u

Janice Jo Lee – Ancestor Song from the album of the same name.

Mia Kelly – Nine Pin

Tássia Reis – Vida de Atriz

Nick Schofield – Key Bed from Ambient Ensemble

Sarah Pagé – Benya from Voda

Charbonneau/ Amato – All Rose from Synth Works Vol. 2. All three are playing NAC Fourth Stage this Thursday as part of Forward Music Group’s Sweet Sixteen Revue.

Taylor Swift – The Alchemy from THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT

Blunt Chunks – Every Day from The Butterfly Myth

Hikaru Utada – Hikari (Re-Recording) / COLORS (2024 Mix) from SCIENCE FICTION

Rhucle – Slow Wave from Place which comes out this Friday.

Haruhisa Tanaka – Kasumi from Nayuta

Tomotsugu Nakamura – Blue Lake from Moon Under Current

Claire Rousay – W Sunset Blvd from Sentiment

Top 5 Songs of the week
5. Amery – Mountain FM from Continue Amery which comes out on May 31st.

4. Blue Hawaii – Belly Ring

3. Michael Feuerstack – No Such Thing from Eternity Monger

2. Luka Kuplowsky – How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music (a response to Ry​ō​kan Taigu) from How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music which comes out on May 31st.

1. Dan Mangan – Find New Ways

Geoffroy – C.A.Y.A. from Good Boy which comes out on June 14th.

Unessential Oils – Nic at the Museum from the self-titled album which comes out on May 31st.

Cindy Lee – I Have My Doubts from Diamond Jubilee

Population II – Hélène from Serpent Échelle EP

Hana Vu – 22 from Romanticism which comes out on May 3rd.

Annie-Claude Deschênes – Electric Light from Les Manières de Table. Playing Club Saw on May 2nd.

Ghostly Kisses – Carousel from Darkroom which comes out on May 17th and playing Club Saw on May 24th.

ASKO – nikâwîs from ASKO which comes out on September 9th.

Sofi Paez – Everywhere