No Filter – April 3, 2017

Here is the April 3rd edition of No Fitler on CHUO FM.
Had a great interview and performance with the Halifax indie Mandarin/English pop & rock band Century Egg.
It was their first time being in Ottawa and performed a show at The Record Centre.
The interview and performance is on the second hour and around the 30 minute mark.




  • The Fast Romantics – Everybody’s Trying to Steal Your Heart
  • Ghost Love – I Don’t Want to Know
  • High Waters – Up to the Sea
  • Pick a Piper – Geographically Opposed
  • Yoo Doo Right – Distaval
  • Kaytranada – Together
  • del bel – Do What the Bass Says
  • Tough Age – I Get the Feeling Central
  • Crossed Wires – New Year
  • Charly Bliss – Glitter
  • The New Pornographers – High Ticket Attractions
  • Bass Lions – Dynamite Quartz
  • Jon McKiel – Jewel in the Sun/Turf War
  • Top 5 Songs of the week
  • You’ll Never Get To Heaven – Beyond the Clouds
  • Century Egg – Lost Angel / Untitled (LIVE) / Sunshine Realize

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