No Filter – May 17, 2021

Have a listen to No Filter – Home Edition on CHUO 89.1 FM for May 17, 2021.
Again the first hour I played were Asian musicians that released stuff in 2021 in time for Asian Heritage Month.

Asian Heritage Month Set
Tomo Nakayama – On the Way

Caro Juna – Unalone from Violent Delights EP

TRACE – Sucker Punch

TEKE::TEKE – Tekagami from Shirushi

David Dennel – Blueprints

Run River North – Cemetery from Creatures In Your Head

CHAI – ACTION from WINK which comes out this Friday.

M Sage, Lake Mary, Chris Jusell and Patrick Shiroishi – Kodama from Yamawarau

UNKNOWN ME – Treadmill with Lisa Nakagawa from Bishintai

Masahiro Takahashi – Touji from Flowering Tree, Distant Moon.

George Ko – Nectarines, Slumber, Harvest and Blossoms from Under the Peach Tree EP.

cehryl – laundry from time machine EP

AUDREY NUNA – Blossom from a liquid breakfast which comes out this Friday

Top 5 Songs of the Week.
5. Century Egg – Ring a Bell from Little Piece of Hair EP LW [5] TW [5] (Retiring after 5 weeks in the Top 5)

4. Luna Li – Alone But Not Lonely from the EP of the same name. LW [*] TW [1]

3. Shad – Out of Touch LW [3] TW [5] (Retiring after 5 weeks in the Top 5)

2. MC Jin and Wyclef Jean – Stop the Hatred LW [2] TW [2]

1. Lucid Express – Wellwave from their self-titled album which comes out on July 16, 2021. LW [1] TW [4]

Hildegard – Jour 3 from Hildegard which comes out on June 4, 2021.

Islands – Carpenter from Islomania which comes out on June 11, 2021.

easy life – have a great day from life’s a beach which comes out on May 28, 2021.

Loraine James – Let’s Go from Reflection which comes out on June 4, 2021.

Doss – On Your Mind from 4 New Hit Songs EP

milk. – 2. feat. Search Party Animal

Gaspard Auge + Justice – Hey! From Escapades which comes out on June 25, 2021.

Cobalt Rabbit – Cloudy from In Isolated Apathy EP

Semi Precious – Too Late from Post-Euphoria

Nap Eyes – Read Yr Mind (Time XL Remix) from When I Come Around EP

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