No Filter – October 16, 2017

Have a listen to No Filter for October 16, 2017.
In the first hour, I had a phone interview with Max of Goodbye Honolulu.
The band will be in Ottawa this Friday at Pressed.
In the second hour, I had in the studio, James A. Brummel of The Fays to talk about the show this Friday at Shanghai Restaurant with Scary Bear Soundtrack.
Have a listen!
Hour One:

Hour Two:

Frigs – Chest / God Hates a Coward

Fake Palms – Holograms / YTMATLDPH

The Nils – Young Man in Transit

Steve Adamyk Band – Carry On

Dead Weights – Writing on the Wall

Goodbye Honolulu – Typical / Back to Me

The White Wires – All Night Long

Bully – Running

Cindy Lee – Always Lovers

Said the Whale – Nothing Makes Me Happy

Tough Age – Piquant Frieze

Top 5 Songs of the week

Japandroids – North East South West

The Fays – Fred’s Song / Self Centertown / Untitled

Scary Bear Soundtrack – Time to Riot

Beliefs – All Things Considered

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