NXNE 2010: Shout-outs

Sorry if I haven’t been updating for NXNE 2010.
Because the place I was staying had no internet.
Which is why I did a quick post from June 17th.
Right now I am on the Greyhound going back to Ottawa and typing it up since they have wi-fi.
I will make a full post when I get back home.
I would like to give some shout outs that made my NXNE a fun time.
These are:

If I have forgotten who to thank.
Please leave a comment.

Overall I had a tremendous exciting time at NXNE.
I was more surprised to see some more Ottawa peeps that were not in bands were attending the festival this year.
Last there wasn’t anyone I knew that went.
I guess good word of mouth is starting to succeed NXNE.
Another great year and hopefully see you again next year.
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