OCFF 2010: October 15, 2010

The Newfoundland Room @ OCFF
Bathtub full of Heiny!

This year I went and attended OCFF.
It was mostly for October 15th since I had to be at another show on Oct 16th.
This was my second year attending this.
Its always enjoyable and fun to see alot of musicians play under one big hotel.
This year they used the Penthouses for the public showcases.

What I like about OCFF is you get to see some of the musician and bands you know.
Its kind of an industry thing for those musicians/bands to be put on the festival circuit.
My favorites are the private showcases held at individual hotel rooms.
They have themes in them like the Kelp Records showcase, The Dark Room (IE its a dark room), The Newfoundland Room, The Red Gum Room, All Ottawa Music Room, The Younger round (showcasing young and up & coming talent) and many more.
Here are some of the musician/bands I encountered at this year’s OCFF (Besides Dan Mangan).

Public Showcases:

Private Showcases

Kind of sad that next year’s OCFF will take place in Niagara Falls.
Probably they need to alternate to different cities in Ontario.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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