Octoberman – Fortresses (Review *Reposted*)

This review is being reposted because Octoberman will be coming to Ottawa on October 16th at Raw Sugar Cafe with Winchester Warm and Andy Swan.
So you should try and check out the band live if you can.
Also it will be interesting to see how he plays at that venue.
Somewhat ironic that he is playing in October.

Its already been a year since Octoberman‘s album Fortresses was released.

The cool glossy music video for Thirty Reasons.
All I can say is maybe Octoberman could be the bread and butter/saviour for White Whale Records. (I could be wrong with that statement?)
Enough with that and on to the record.

This album is sort of a departure from what we are used to with Octoberman.
Gone is the sad mellow acoustic feeling from tracks like Run From Safety, Breath Of Sunshine, Laguardia and X-Pat.
More of a upbeat rocking feel with some parts folksy.
Tracks like I Know A Nurse is very epic wise.
To have short catchy folky tracks to Thirty Reason which reminds me of Basia Bulat’s Before I Knew.
Scenester being the one track that sounds very different and experimental rock wise.
Surprised there is alot of Ottawa connections on this album.
With Sarah Hallman singing on The Backlash, I Know A Nurse and Temptation Is A Bloody Mess
Jonathan Pearce of Poorfolk and The Soirée doing some “gang” vocal.
Produced by Dave Draves and recorded in Little Bullhorn studios in Ottawa.
This is a really great album, sound production is bigger than the last record.
Best tracks:

  • The Backlash
  • Dancing With Your Ghost
  • I Know A Nurse
  • Thirty Reason
  • SI
  • Scenesters
  • Another Trial

Thanks to Marc Morissette to send me the digital copy of this album.

Music video for Trapped In A Scene

Portland Hotel

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