Odario x Good Information – Do Nada [Music Video]

Recently the Toronto musician and CBC radio host for Afterdark Odario dropped the music video for Do Nada featuring Good Information.
A funky hip-hop and jazz infused track to get you bumpin’ and movin’.

About the track by Odario:
This song goes out to all the hopeless romantics in search of a simpler, uncomplicated lifestyle.
“Do Nada” is a song about doing nothing. Our post-pandemic era seems to have quickly ramped back up to speed, maybe even at a faster pace.
“Do Nada” is about taking a moment to reflect on a rapidly spinning world.

Our society is so caught up in overachieving that I wanted to write an anthem for the beloved underachievers.
I collaborated with Edmonton jazz band Good Information on this song to create a blend of jazz, hiphop, and dance featuring Lukas Kuru’s bass solo, a rarity in popular music today.

Good Information gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.