Ottawa Experimental Music Compilation #1 [Streaming]

Ottawa Experimental Music just released a cool compilation that features alot of Ottawa acts and bands.
OEM highlights experimental music from post-rock, ambient, shoegaze, doom, drone, psychedelic, post-metal/doom/punk and etc from Ottawa and around the world.
This first compilation is free to download with the option to pay on Bandcamp.
Any money raised would be split amongst the bands equally. With this mission statement in hand, we set out to contact bands/artists.
The response was overwhelming and even more incredible was the fact that the bands wanted any money raised to go to a charity. This was paying it forward to the max.
The charities we have chosen to support are The Parkdale Food Centre, Tungasuvvingat Inuit and The Ottawa Street Medics.
I am focusing on are the experimental, ambient, dreamy and softer soundscapes from the likes of:
Amanda Lowe
Annie Socoria
Ash Primal
Juliana Neumann


Ottawa can be unique and experimental!

Ottawa Experimental Music Compilation #1 gets:

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