Oliver Forest & Flara K – Moments [Music Video]

Today the Montreal indie-pop bands Oliver Forest (Megan Griffin & Joshua Cunningham) and Flara K (Collin Steinz & Sam Martel) dropped the music video for Moments.
A cool indie pop tune.

About the track from Oliver Forest & Flara K
“Moments explores the vulnerability and fears that come up when you’re falling in love and still discovering if that person is someone you can confidently rely on and trust. It speaks of the doubtful side of things, however fleeting or temporary, that sometimes linger in the back of your mind when sharing your heart with someone for the first time.”

“The original concept for the video came about jokingly while we were recording the song. Megan and I were singing the operatic section while attempting to tap dance when I got the idea that a choreographed line dance could be really cool, especially in sync with the bounce of the bass line, banjos, and slide guitar.”

Moments gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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