Oh No Forest Fires – The War On Geometry (Review)

After seeing them play on Nov 7th at Cafe Dekcuf.

Finally got a chance to listen to the whole album and I want to plug the band and their debut by Oh No Forest Fires.
Members are:

  • Matt Del Bueno
  • Adam Nimmo
  • Brock Swanek
  • Rajiv Thavanathan

Telling by the album name The War On Geometry, its going to be a indie rocking album.
The beginning track “It’s Not Fun And Games Until Someone Loses” is a fun rocking track.
While “New Cove Road Back Home Song” is like the only slow track on the album.
Pretty much the whole album is very indie rock and alternative driven.
Lots of guitar crazy sounds and want to rock out big time.
The album has that Toronto indie rock sound considering they are from Toronto.

Best tracks:

  • It’s Not Fun And Games Until Someone Loses
  • New Cove Road Back Home Song
  • You Know What That Is… Trouble
  • Swing And A Misdemenor
  • Fighting Heidi

I just found out that the drummer Adam Nimmo used to be in the band The Most Serene Republic.
Stuff you know after the band plays and you just makes you go “No way!”
Also they are great people to meet too.
Funny too because Rajiv and I were talking about the bags we had.
Very interesting conversation.
Great album to listen to.

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