Osheaga 2010 (Review): Part Three

On the second day of the Osheaga Music Festival, I only went for half a day.
The sun was shining on a hot Sunday day at the festival.
These are the acts that I saw.

I decided to arrive at the park very early so I can see Cotton Mouth play.
For those that don’t know, it is basically the members of Parlovr with a different singer.
Martin who is producer for Nightwood and Parlovr is also a musician.
They played a fun rocking set.
Can’t wait to see them on August 6th in Ottawa.

Went over and see Still Life Still.
I haven’t seen them live in awhile and I just couldn’t wait to see them in Montreal.
I know they will be playing the i(heart)music festival.
Surprised they had a great turnout.
They previewed about two new songs for an upcoming album next year.
Played tracks from their album Girls Come Too.
Apparently the last song Pastel they got Armen Bazarian (aka Armen at the Bazaar) to sing with them.
Guessing they have a good fanbase in Montreal.

Went over to the big stage and catch Gaslight Anthem.
Man was I really impress with their set.
It was like as someone beside me told that it is like listening to a punk rock version of Bruce Springsteen.
They wowed the audience in Montreal.

Caught the two last songs of Blitzen Trapper.
It was a great folky rock set.
There was alot of people there for that set.

Lastly I caught The Antlers.
Ever since I got the album Hospice which I reviewed last year.
I was very happy to finally see them live.
They put on an amazing set.
It was mind blowing and very powerful.
They played some new tracks that is going to be on an upcoming album.
But ya they are a band you have to see live.

There will be another entry on the Warchild’s Busking for Change that happened in the festival grounds.
Just didn’t want to put it on this review.
Sadly I didn’t get see Snoop Dogg, Metric, Sonic Youth and Weezer due to having to leave Montreal.
But I had a great time attending this year.
What I love about Osheaga is that they have the biggest name in indie pop, rock and alternative music.
Hoping next year will be amazing.

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