Ottawa Folk Festival 2009: Day 3

The Ottawa Folk Festival kicked off the final nice summer day.
With various singer/songwriter’s workshops happening
This was another great day with no rain in the forecast.
Ottawa Folk Festival: Woodchopper Association

The first one I went to was the Dance Tent.
It was the Cross Cultural Collaboration, don’t know who was in it besides Catriona Sturton. (Maybe she can help me on who was in it)
Ottawa Folk Festival: Cross Cultural CollaborationOttawa Folk Festival: Cross Cultural Collaboration
Caught the last minutes of Spirit Voices: Raven Kanatakta , ShoShona Kish (Digging Roots), Mihirangi, Albert Dumont, Asani at the Hill Stage.
Ottawa Folk Festival: Spirit Voices
The big one for the singer/songwriter workshop was at the Hill Stage.
The theme was Songs From the Road: Bruce Cockburn, Joel Plaskett, Steven Page and Ana Miura.
From my guess, about 1000 people were in attendance for the 1pm workshop.
Also because Joel Plaskett wasn’t there for the Saturday’s workshop due to being stuck in a New York City Airport.
It was a perfect intimate session with amazing singers.
Great for Ana Miura to join the male dominated workshop and give Ottawa representation.
Nice hearing stories of each musicians mentioning about road stories.
I was sort of unimpress with Steven Page talking about his so far troubles from last year and he mentioned his puffy mugshot.
There were kids around and maybe no one noticed about it.
Ottawa Folk Festival: Road Music
At the Dance Tent it was the Woodchoppers Association with Jah Youssouf.
There were alot of people dancing to their music. Very fun and entertaining.
Ottawa Folk Festival: Woodchopper Association
At the Stage Hall, it was the Good Lovelies with Charlotte Cornfield and other artist.
Ottawa Folk Festival: Stage HallOttawa Folk Festival: Stage Hall
After them was David Ross MacDonald in the Stage Hall.
Ottawa Folk Festival: David Ross MacDonald
That 1 Guy put on a fun crazy set at the Dance Tent.
I swear he should play every year at the Ottawa Folk Festival.
Draws a great crowd and people love it.
Ottawa Folk Festival: That 1 Guy
For the night concert Joel Plaskett just put on an amazing show!!
This is the first time without the Emergency and its just him and his dad.
Ottaw Folk Festival: Joel Plaskett and Bill Plaskett
Loved hearing tracks like “Love This Town”, “Rewind, Rewind, Rewind”, “Nothing More To Say You”, “Through & Through & Through” and “In The Blue Moonlight” and “You Let Me Down”.
Surprised with the turnout and draws a bigger crowd, mostly with the younger crowds.
This is one of the best I’ve seen this year at the Ottawa Folk Festival.
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