Ottawa Jazzfest Launch

Today I went to the Ottawa Jazzfest Media Launch at the NAC.
Thanks to a friend who gave me the pass.
It was my first time checking this out.
I am going to miss the Westfest Media launch tomorrow.

It was very informative and excited to know who might be play.
Usual key players of those running the Jazzfest giving speeches and stuff.
Give me a broader perspective into liking the music of Jazz.

This is the second longest Jazz Festival in Canada.
Montreal being the longest.
That is some good trivia.

The festival will be from June 25 – July 5.
Surprised about the dates because it would end on Canada Day.
Doesn’t matter it will be great fun to check out the music there.

The ones I am anxious to see (Go to Ottawa Upcoming Shows section to find out which one I will attend, since its alot to list down).
June 27th – Al Green playing at Confederation Park
July 1st – Coeur de Pirate and Bell Orchestre at Confederation Park (It will be a free show considering its on Canada Day)
July 2nd – The Worst Pop Band at The NAC Studio

The ones to check out are:
Connoisseur Series at the Library and Archives
The main one at Confederation Park
Studio Series at the NAC

Can’t wait to check out all that jazz.

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