4in1 – Ottawa Park Sessions

Each session will take place in one of Ottawa’s many historical parks bringing local acts and touring bands together for free public performances during the summer and fall.
Runs from 3pm-6pm.
4in1 means four different acts in one place.
But it doesn’t really have to be four acts. 😛
Any suggestions for upcoming sessions or want to help out, please like the 4in1 Facebook fanpage.

Here are the 2012 dates from “4in1“.

The first session took place at Strathcona Park on May 6, 2012.
Here are the acts that played in session #1.
Heavy Bedroom

Jonathan Becker

Her Harbour


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The second session on May 20, 2012 at Dundonald Park. Playing were:
Del Bel

Lisa Bozikovic

Avid Napper
Scary Bear Soundtrack

Jenna Tenn-Yukk


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The third session took place on June 3, 2012 at the Eco-Art Tunnels on Wellington St. Playing were:
Acts that played at session #3 were:
The Gallop
The Musettes

Brandon Allan

Lukas Grant

Thanks to Partus Films
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Playing at the session were:
André M. Bluteau
André M. Bluteau @ 4in1 Session #4
J.M. Farr
J.M Farr @ 4in1 Session #4
Robots! Everywhere!
Robots!Everywhere! @ 4in1 Session #4
Landon AR Coleman
Landon A.R. Coleman @ 4in1 Session #4
Sadly there was no filming in this session but you can enjoy these photos.
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Playing at the session #5:
Factory Owl
Factory Owl @ 4in1 Sessions #5
Alex Silas
Alex Silas @ 4in1 Sessions #5
Kashka @ 4in1 Sessions #5
Hamilton @ 4in1 Sessions #5
Three Little Birds
Three Little Birds @ 4in1 Session #5
Atherton @ 4in1 Sessions #5
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Playing at session #6 on July 29, 2012 were [Westboro Beach]:
Miss Polygamy
Miss Polygamy @ 4in1 Session #6
High Waters
High Waters @ 4in1 Session #6
• The New Standard (No site yet but you can contact Vanessa Luis)
The New Standard @ 4in1 Session #6
Fellow @ 4in1 Session #6
Zoo Legacy
Zoo Legacy @ 4in1 Session #6

Here are the acts that played session #7 on August 12, 2012:
Loon Choir
Loon Choir @ 4in1 Session #7
Catriona Sturton
Catriona Sturton @ 4in1 #7
David Little g
David Little g @ 4in1 Session #7
Phantom Shores
Phantom Shores @ 4in1 Session #7
Ornaments @ 4in1 Session #7

The acts that played on Session #8 (September 30th) were:
Chrissy Lovingood
Chrissy Lovingood @ 4in1 in the Fall
Blue Blue Satellite
Blue Blue Satellite @ 4in1 in the Fall
Cold Capital
Cold Capital @ 4in1 in the Fall
Erik Lind & The Orchard
Erik Lind & The Orchard @ 4in1 in the Fall
Little Stella
Amos The Transparent

The acts that played on October 28th:
Kristine St-Pierre


Shannon Rose


The acts that played on November 25th:
The Love Machine
The Love Machine @ Antique Skate Shop
Peas&Carrots @ Antique Skate Shop
Sarah Jane Johnston
Sarah Jane Johnston @ Antique Skate Shop
Maxist Cowboy
Marxist Cowboy @ Anitque Skate Shop
Yanis @ Antique Skate Shop

Playing at the December 16th session were:
Salton Sea
Salton Sea @ The Pit in Carleton U
The Yips
The Yips @ The Pit in Carleton U
Winchester Warm
Winchester Warm @ The Pit in Carleton U
Adam Saikaley
Adam Saikaley @ The Pit in Carleton U
Roberta Bondar (The band not the famous Canadian astronaut)
Roberta Bondar @ The Pit in Carleton U
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