Ottawa Bluesfest 2011: Day 3

It was a fun and memorial Day 3 of Ottawa Bluesfest 2011.
I will get to that later.
It was a mix of rock and techno happening at the festival.
The acts that I saw on July 7th were:

Ornaments was the first band to play at the Claridge stage.
It was good for them to play a big stage.

Big Jeezus Truck played at the Subway Stage.
I didn’t know the band is from Ottawa.
Music wasn’t my thing but the band was great to take photos and great stage presences.

Infected Mushroom was pretty techno bass booming at the MBNA stage.
Reminded me the last time I saw them at Bluesfest in 2008 or 2009?

Lastly I did it again.
I went and danced on stage during Girl Talk‘s show.
Amazingly fun and too surreal.
I didn’t take any photos because I just wanted to go up and just have some fun while the sun is setting.
This time his set was 90 minutes.
So the lucky forty or so people were lucky to be up on stage dancing for the full set.
I noticed some of the Bluesfest volunteers decided to join in on the fun.
It was pretty breathtaking seeing alot of people there for Girl Talk.
Pretty much the best night of my life.
Probably there are photos of me dancing on Facebook or even this which happens to be up now!
All that dancing is killing my feet. 😛
Here are the rest of the photos.

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