RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2015 – Day 9 [July 17, 2015]

Day 9 of Ottawa Bluesfest 2015 was a wet one, rained all through the night but it was a exciting to say the least.
The acts that I saw were Purity Ring, The Tragically Hip, Lowell, Dropkick Murphys, Polaris Music Prize meetup, Dear Rouge and The Yips.

Purity Ring @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Headlining the Canadian Stage was Purity Ring. They were the band that I was excited to see the most. It was a mesmerizing light show and performing tracks from Shrines and Another Eternity. Despite the rain, people braved it and danced to their music. They seem to improve more within their elaborate set!
The Tragically Hip @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
My first time seeing The Tragically Hip. Previously times I couldn’t get in and shoot it but this time I was exciting. They started off with Grace, Too which happens to be my only favorite song by the band. Never knew Gord could be animated with his stage presences and dancing. A stellar show at the Bell Stage.
Lowell @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Lowell performed at the Canadian Stage. An atmospheric electropop set. At least I got to listen to Cloud 69 and sporting her new keyboard.
Dropkick Murphys @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Dropkick Murphys seems to be a staple at Bluesfest. Performing at the Claridge Homes Stage, it was definitely a wild an high energetic Celtic punk rock set. One of those shows where even the rain couldn’t damper this show.
Polaris Music Prize Gathering @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Inside the Barney Danson Theatre was a Polaris Music Prize info, meeting and greet session. Basically it was for musician and media people to get an understanding how Polaris works and meet the one and only Steve Jordan.
Dear Rouge @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Dear Rouge who recently won the SOCAN awards for their song “I Heard I Had” performed at the Canadian Stage. The Vancouver act performed an exciting electro-rock set.
The Yips @ Ottawa Bluesfest 2015
Started off Day 9 of the festival by checking out Ottawa Ouija rock band The Yips. They performed an awesome performance at the Canadian Stage. With the rain even their dancing rave ghost couldn’t damper their set. Lovely moment was their gentleman asking what was up with the ghost on stage. I said it’s part of the band’s “dancing rave ghost”. Couldn’t be happy for their set.

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