Paper Idol – Tightrope [Listen]

Today, Los Angeles pop act Paper Idol dropped the single and visualizer for Tightrope.
The track is taken from the upcoming EP Mania Days which comes out on May 22, 2021 via CloudKid.
Tightrope is a catchy funky poppy anthemic EDM tune.

About the track:
“I joke that my music is too electronic for indie kids but also too indie for electronic kids.
I like to combine indie-pop and EDM into something surreal and unique.
My music makes you want to dance, but has a deeper message about loneliness and confusion if you read the lyrics…

“Tightrope” is about the things we crave the most, and how they can bring as much pain as pleasure.
The lyric “her loving never lets me down” has a double meaning: relationships can take you to new heights, but also throw you completely off balance”

Tightrope gets:

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