Paramedics – Witch Hunt [Listen/Download Single]

Trippy Paramedics photo by Jamie Kronick.

Got news from Jamie who plays drums with the Ottawa band Paramedics, that they are done with the EP and released the first song off from it.
The times I’ve seen them live, they play a hypnotic intense set.

For those that don’t about them, here is a bio:
Paramedics was born as an experimental outlet for guitarist Jordan
Allen and drummer Jamie Kronick, who began writing as a two-piece in
2007. For two years they worked on ideas, experimenting with
electronics and song structures. After recruiting guitarist Allan
Gauthier (The Love Machine) and bassist Luke Duross (Crush Buildings), they began rehearsing these songs gradually taking their
live sound on the road. After battling the initial barriers of
electronics and drum experimentation in an ever-changing live setting,
they found new ways of transforming their live set to something unique
and sonically engaging. Recording for their first EP, the band teamed
up with Jonathan Chandler of Amos the Transparent and began tracking
early 2010.

One of the tracks to be release from the EP is called Witch Hunt.
Witch Hunt is a experimental noise rock track.

You can download the single on their official website.

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