Patrick of Flight Distance Talks About Arboretum Music + Arts Festival 2013

Arboretum Music + Arts Festival is happening this Friday and Saturday (August 16 and 17) and I couldn’t be any excited about it.
So I am trying to get a hold of the acts playing at this year’s festival and try to ask them a short Q&A.
I got to ask Patrick who is one-third of the hip-hop rap trio Flight Distance.
Flight Distance @ House of Paint - Concert Under The Bridge
How excited are you to be playing at the second annual Arboretum Festival?
Really excited. It’s rare that we get to play an outdoor, free, all ages festival.
That’s a holy trinity right there.
Also they have created something really unique and 20 years from now when this thing is massive, it will be really cool to say we were there in the beginning.

Are there any acts you are excited to see?
I hope to see as many as I can.
I’m a fan of Boyhood, Big Dick and New Swears.
I look forward to NDMA, Male Nurse, Missing Linx and Atherton & So Nice, these are all my people so that goes without saying.
Altogether the local acts are top shelf.

Besides the acts, any of the food vendors, arts & crafts stuff you like to check out or do?
As part of the Two Six {Ate} crew I can say the Mortadella hotdog is amazing.
The Nashville quail from Union613 looks great

What can we expect from your live set?
You remember Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier from Looney Tunes?

That’s Bender and me.
A gruff beast and his energetic little friend.
Calkuta’s wizardry on the turntables, Crack Moses’ banging beats.
Some new shit, some old shit, some dubplates, some solo joints.
Songs from our new album Harmony Chlorine.
Dropping late this year or in 2014.

What do you think a festival like this would be beneficial to the city?
It’s really cool to combine all of these cultures.
Half of us indie musicians already work in restaurants HAHA!
Arboretum is carefully curated, the lineup wasn’t chosen by seeing who has the cleanest one-sheet or who has the pushiest management.
The organizers know what’s going on in Canadian music and they’ve booked the acts that work well in the order they’re put and that people want to see.

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