Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms (Review)

I got the new long anticipated follow-up album by Polaris Prize winner Patrick Watson.
New album “Wooden Arms” which came out on April 28th.

Its been two years since his debut “Close To Paradise” and its has been a crazy successful time for him.
Besides winner the Polaris Prize, alot of critical acclaim due to the accolade and notoriety.

With this new album.
I would say the title says it all.
Has that naturalistic sound and very earthy with a mix of experimental.
In CBC’s Q interview (being his funny self), Patrick Watson said the new album is more folk sci-fi.
Some of the tracks have alot of culture influence, due to the touring around the world in tracks like Beijing and Wooden Arms.
Alot of Iceland influence sound of Sigur Ros.
Lucky that he toured with The Cinematic Orchestra, which sound like they had a help in the track Hommage which is a instrumental.

Unique using probably pots, pans and cutlery in tracks like Tracy’s Water, Beijing, Wooden Arms, Down At The Beach
Big Bird In A Small Cage is very folky.

Man Like You is the only track that isn’t too experimental.
Can’t think of the artist in my mind (Probably David Gray or Chad VanGaalen), very poppy acoustic song.

You great epic tracks like Down At The Beach and Machinery of the Heavens.

Where The Wild Things Are has the tribal beatsy sound or could be influence from the childrens book while visualizing it.

With the success he has, sounds like he didn’t go big on the production and kept it simple.
Conceptual? Maybe, but who cares. Patrick Watson finally releases a new album that everyone is dying to hear.
I actually like this album alot than his debut.
If you get the album on iTunes, you get a bonus track called Hearts In The Park.
Very country folky.
If you pre-ordered it you get Summer Sleeps.
More of a acoustic folky track.

Best Tracks:

  • Fireweed
  • Tracy’s Water
  • [audio:]
  • Beijing
  • Wooden Arms
  • Where The Wild Things Are
  • Big Bird In A Small Cage
  • Down At The Beach
  • Machinery of the Heavens

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