Peel Dream Magazine – Agitprop Alterna [Review]

(Despite what we are dealing with at the moment. Do support them whatever you can!)
A band that I was very lucky to see back in February.
Peel Dream Magazine dropped their sophomore LP Agitprop Alternat on Slumberland Records.
Felt like I was transported back in the 80s when music was very cool.
A great mix of hazy dreamy shoegaze alternative pop music.

About the album:
Agitprop Alterna is ultimately defined by the tension of difference: between itself and its predecessor; Stevens’ and Hyun’s intertwined male-female vocals; the music’s languid dreaminess and concrete sonic immediacy.
Deeply rooted in the Brechtian ideas of art as a tool to spur action, Agitprop Alterna intensifies the connection between the existential and the interpretive first explored on Modern Meta Physic, giving the listener space to find their own meaning in shimmering guitars, fuzzed-out synths, and humming organ drones.
It is a rejection of manipulation in all its forms and a buzzsaw against complacency – soft-focus pop whose clear-cut message is that you get to decide the message.
It’s a rare trick to agitate without being obvious: perhaps that makes Agitprop Alterna the most Peel Dream Magazine-like statement yet.

Best tracks:

Emotional Devotion Creator

It’s My Body

NYC Illuminati

Too Dumb

Agitprop Alterna gets:

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