Pete Astor – Spilt Milk [Review]

I didn’t know who Pete Astor is, so I went to Wikipedia and looked him up.
Pete is a British songwriter and solo artist, also known for his work with The Loft, The Weather Prophets, The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound.
Not until I read that he recorded Spilt Milk with James Hoare of Ultimate Painting (Who I caught at Pop Montreal 2015).

Split Milk has this whole poppy minimal catchy music.
A throwback to something like early Belle and Sebastien or if Britpop had that nice soft sound.
His music takes you to a nice summer fields and just lie down while listening and daydreaming.
It is an incredible nice album!

Best tracks:

  • Really Something
  • Mr Music
  • My Right Hand
  • Very Good Lock
  • Sleeping Tiger

I’d give Split Milk:
/10 Camera flashes.

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