Peter Bjorn and John with Chairlift at Capital Music Hall

Last night I went to see Peter Bjorn and John at Ottawa’s Capital Music Hall.
I came with an open mind and I wasn’t feeling it for some weird reason.
Just say later on I was really surprised.

It was a nice evening and getting in the venue.
I was like whatever at the moment.
People were coming in and I needed to find a good standing spot.

The first band to play was Chairlift.
Chairlift @ Capital Music HallI didn’t know who they were.
Their music is very dreamy pop new wave.
It wasn’t until the last song they sang.
It was the song that was played on the iPod Nano ad.
I was very surprised it was them because I couldn’t find out who sang that song on that ad.
Great opener and glad that I saw a band that was featured on an ad.
Also I didn’t know the band is from New York, thought they were European.

Finally Peter Bjorn and John came up.
Peter Bjorn and John @ Capital Music HallThey started off with a track from the new album.
Somehow I just had a fun time seeing them live.
It was like the only time Ottawa could get a band like them to play here.
Usually they would skip Ottawa and play either in Montreal or Toronto.
I was happy to see them.
They sang a mix of Writer’s Block and Living Things.
Wasn’t until the eighth song that Young Folks came up.
Everyone went crazy hearing that song.
I was excited hearing it.
I swear they must have played it for about six minutes.
After the encore, they played the leading track from the new album, Nothing To Worry About.
I swear it sounded like Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. with the children singing.
Then the last song was Up Against The Wall and it was totally crazy rock epic.
I just danced crazily and had a blast.

Overall the concert exceeded all my expectations.
Glad that I got to see them, good or bad.

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