Pharmakon, Pelada and Pelvic Floor @ Pressed [January 16, 2015]

With various shows that happened on January 16, 2015.
I decided to go this show at Pressed.
In my opinion was the “it” show of the night.
Wanted to expand my horizons and trying to see if they were going to make me pee my pants with the experimental noise and industrial music.
I was there to check out Pharmakon from New York City.
I wasn’t aware until a friend told me that she is on Sacred Bones Records. (Amen Dunes and Marissa Nadler’s July is released on that label)

Pharmakon @ Pressed

It was pretty intense and OMG! kind of show.
Short 15 minute set which somewhat left me wanting more but due to the damn noise bylaw past 11pm.
She was promoting her 2014 album Bestial Burden.
Really like what she did with the layout of the set being in the middle of the crowds.
Let’s hope she will come back in the future.
I swear Margaret almost looks like Anna of HSY.
Pelada @ Pressed
Second band was Pelada from Montreal.
I had to say this was my favorite set.
I thought the whole night will be all experimental noise.
But they were mostly experimental electronic with that acid house and euro dance.
Would have been nice if people were dancing but it was a different crowd.
Pelvic Floor @ Pressed
The first band to play was Pelvic Floor from Montreal.
It was a experimental noise industrial set.
Wasn’t sure at first what the ladder was used for. (Thought it would be some performance act)
It was pretty intense with the screaming by the lead singer (Afraid of getting spitted on my face 😛 )
Middle of the set apparent the mic attached to the ladder fell and took awhile to get it back up.
Very interesting set to say the least.
Overall I had a great night at this show.
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