Phoenix and Holy Fuck @ Metropolis (By Stephanie)

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie and I’m going to be a new contributor to MW Music Review. You’ll hear from me every once in a while since school takes up most of my life. I’ll make the most of my entries though. I definitely look forward to writing in the future and hope that you guys enjoy it as well!

So I was crazy enough this weekend to go to Montreal to see Phoenix perform at Metropolis. Many hours of sleep were lost and a lot of money was spent but it didn’t matter at all because the show was amazing.

Holy fuck with Phoenix @ Metropolis Dec 6 2009

Holy Fuck opened and played a surprisingly short set (I’d guess about four songs). Big things came in small packages. They gave a powerful, psycheadelic, foot stomping performance. This was my first time seeing them since I missed them when they were in Ottawa for Bluesfest in the summer. It was very interesting seeing the instruments they played with – tangled wires splayed all across the stage hooked up to  numerous contraptions I wouldn’t be able to give names to. Great opening show, I’d definitely see them again.

Phoenix @ Metropolis Dec 6 2009

I really can not describe this show in words. I’ve been a big Phoenix fan ever since It’s Never Been Like That so seeing them live was reason enough to enjoy it for me. They mostly played songs from their new release Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix with a couple songs from their previous albums United, Alphabetical, and It’s Never Been Like That.  The lead singer, Thomas Mars was very interactive with the audience – he dived into the crowd during some songs and during the encore he disappeared off stage to show up in the middle of the audience and crowd surfed back to the stage. They played a beautiful acoustic of “Everything is Everything” as one of the encore songs. (I regret not recording that.) Brothers Laurent and Christian also did a memorable guitar solo together where they played back and forth during “Love Like a Sunset Pt. 1”. They played their hit, “1901,” right at the end as the last encore song. I thought this was great as most people would expect it to be the opening song. It was definitely a great end to an amazing concert!


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