Photogmusic Turns 8

This might be cheesy posting this up.
Today this site is 8 years old!
Making this post short and simple,
Still can’t believe I am still doing this.
Since this is a small and quiet site which features photography of live shows in Ottawa and beyond.
There will people who prefer other sites than mines but I try not to compete and let my site be whatever it takes me.
There has been some highs and lows in maintaining this site on my own.
I do it for the love of the music and the scene.
Meeting musicians from all across Canada and falling in & out of friends/acquaintances.
While I have lovers and detractors, I still keep pushing out what is interesting.
Please don’t call me a legend, I am not dead yet and I know some will agree to disagree
Here is to more coverage of Ottawa’s music if people like it or not!

Thank you!

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