Photos from Eva Bee’s Jamboree – The Valentine’s Screening @ Raw Sugar Cafe [February 13, 2013]

Previously posted on my Q&A with Eva Bee on the screening that just happened at Raw Sugar Cafe on February 13th.
I definitely had a fun time at this.
Eva Bee's Jamboree @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Going to quote Taline on this:
The Crepes were so good, that it’s better than bad sex“.
The crepes were amazingly good in my opinion.
Eva Bee's Jamboree @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Also here is the video with Eva Bee and Rolf of The Acorn

Music by Jordan David of The Love Machine
Eva Bee's Jamboree @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Congrats to her on this cooking series.
A nice thing tonight, the donations from tonight’s event went to Luca F‘s business.
Recently got his equipment stolen.
Overall a fun night!
Here are the photos from the event.

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