Pique Spring Edition 2024

This year’s edition of Debaser‘s Pique Spring Edition 2024 was nothing short of spectacular, with a range of genres including experimental, R&B/Soul, and electronica/dance music taking center stage on Saturday night, making it an unforgettable experience at Arts Court, Club Saw and Ottawa Art Gallery’s Alma Duncan Hall.
The Arts Court theatre had more of an experimental vibe with Dimitri Georgaras, a talented musician known for his eclectic style, Jesse Stewart, a renowned percussionist and composer, Maria Chavez, an innovative sound artist, and Val Jeanty, a highly skilled electronic music producer.
Club Saw offered a diverse range of performances from NORDTING likely brought a unique flavor of performance art, while N’Nerjie likely delivered some soulful R&B tunes. TUSH, Chad Tam-Tam, and Queenyy probably brought the energy with their electro-dance music, and digitalpolyglot likely added an electronic twist to the mix.
Ottawa Art Gallery‘s Alma Duncan Hall had Montreal’s Echönymphia with captivating ambient music that enthralled the audience.
The performance was further enhanced by Maylee Todd‘s premiere of Cerebral Waves: A Live Musical Performance, which utilized cutting-edge EEG headband technology to monitor brainwaves and display the data on a large screen for everyone to see.
The musical extravaganza continued with Maria Chavez and Glowzi taking over the stage with their energetic DJ set, bringing an electrifying atmosphere to the event.
Despite not being as chaotic as previous years, this year’s Piqures was still a blast and provided plenty of entertainment.
See the photos in the gallery to get a better idea of what went down.