Pique Fall Edition 2023

To kick off the fall season in Ottawa’s music + arts scene was Debaser‘s Pique.
To coincide with Ottawa International Animation Festival, there was alot of things to discover in the building of OAG, Arts Court and Saw Gallery.
My favourite sets were:
God’s Mom performing a mix of Electro and Eurotrash dance pop and performative music at Club Saw.
Damn Bria Salmena can do anything from punk rock (Frigs) to Country (Orville Peck) and now with this!

E-Prime (ex-Doomsquad) who also performed at Club Saw with their disco/new wave dance pop music.
Loving the 80s summer tv set.

Interesting performance and sadly missed the guitar getting smashed by MimiVirus.

Toronto’s Dent with a intense hip-hop set.

Ottawa’s Hex-a-Decimal with some noisy electro music.

Another wonderful set at Ottawa Art Gallery’s Terrance with:
Marker Starling with some lovely groovy retro pop and yacht rock vibe music.
Now that was a surprising set that I enjoyed and was truly a hidden gem to see.

Yves Jarvis who I haven’t seen in awhile played some cool indie pop/rock music.

Dorothea Paas which was great to see live with her lovely solo folk rock pop music from Anything Can’t Happen.

Kicking off the terrace show was Mukazi with an intimate pop music.

Over at Club Saw’s Courtyard was Los3r, Jodie Jodie Rogers and blackwinterwells.

Over at Alma Duncan was a fun dance party from Don’t Trust Ryan, Syana, myst milano (Third time this year and it was a DJ set) and DJ set by Dent.

Check out the gallery.