Playlist for Photogmusic LIVE [October 7, 2013]

Today on my show I played tracks by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Ryan Hemsworth, Phedre and many more.
Mentioned shows happening this Thursday (Doomsquad & HSY), Friday (TV Freaks) and Saturday (Diana & Silkken Laumann).
Sorry I had technical difficulties playing the Yamantaka // Sonic Titan tracks.
Have a listen to the show.

Playlist for Photogmusic LIVE – Oct 7th by Photogmusic on Mixcloud

Here is the playlist:

  • HSY – Slimeball
  • Yamanataka // Sonic Titan – Atalanta // Whalesong
  • Dirty Beaches – Casino Lisboa
  • HSY – Tartar Mouth
  • Doomsquad – Born From The Marriage of the Moon and a Crocodile
  • Diana – Foreign Installation
  • Silkken Laumann – On The Mend
  • TV Freaks – Game
  • Solids – Off White
  • Ryan Hemsworth – Against a Wall
  • Phedre – Sunday Someday
  • Blind Horses – Mindy
  • Fresh Snow & Julie Fader – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

Music video/player:

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