POLL: Second Annual Hottest Canadian Indie Acts

2013 is almost coming to a close and I decided to make a poll (Like it or not, it is for fun!).
This poll was inspired by iheartmusic.net’s where at the end of every year they compiled a list to see who was the hottest act of the year and/or made the biggest waves in the Canadian music scene.
Since that site isn’t around, I decided to over it.
While I try to do this last year, it was like pulling teeth getting bloggers and critics to weight in their list.
So this year I have decided to make it open to the public.
Not to get really broad, I am basing the acts that has released albums, EPs and even a single in 2013.
So here are your 50 acts that you can vote and repeatedly.
After that I will compile the Top 13!

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