Pony Girl and Her Harbour @ St. Albans Church [November 7, 2015]

It was a wonderful Saturday evening at St. Alban’s Church.
Arboretum Festival presented Pony Girl‘s album release show for Foreign Life.
Pony Girl @ St. Alban's Church
Opening up the show was Her Harbour.
Gabrielle Giguere was solo this time and performed a wonderful indie-folk-baroque-pop music.
Previewed alot of new materials for an upcoming album and performed two songs from her first album Winter’s Ghost.
Her Harbour @ St. Alban's Church
Finally it was Pony Girl’s turn to perform on stage.
The band recently released their second album Foreign Life.
The whole set was truly amazing filled with artful pop-rock music.
Pony Girl @ St. Alban's Church
Definitely a great show for a Saturday night.
Click below for more photos.

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