Pop Montreal 2010: Day 3

On the third day on my adventures of Pop Montreal.
Let’s say I was still reeling from the night before since I came back home late to my friend’s place very late to due Montreal buses going at weird times.
Also it was the first time my brother came down for the festival so we can stay in the hotel.
From my previous post on who to see, sadly I didn’t get to see Pat Jordache and Dog Day.
Here is how my day three began.

I went to the Notman House at noon where I scheduled a meeting with the PKG people.

Decided to do a online Q&A with them.
How did you get involved with POP Montreal?
We’ve been involved with a lot of Canadian musicians and artists since our founding, specifically through our Grassroots Collective. The subcultures of art, music and fashion are what ultimately drive our designs, so Pop Montreal seemed like a great fit for us. It gave us a great opportunity to interact with the artists and get some critical feedback, as well as support the communities that we draw our inspiration from.

Any musicians that played in POP that were impressed with PKG?
We had a lot through and I think everyone had their favourite piece(s). Some memorable ones would include:

For more of the interview with PKG, click here.

Went to Le Divan Orange for the ABM Afternoon shows.
Again I went to see Leif Vollebekk play.
I have to say he is great playing at that venue.
He never disappoints live.
Leif Vollebekk @ Le Divan Orange
The surprise guest was Bear In Heaven.
Who I happened to see them live the night before at La Sala Rossa.
Just wanted to see them live again.
Totally nice guys.
Bear In Heaven @ Le Divan Orange
After that I decided to take my chances on Ukrainian Federation.
Before that I got there too early so I went to this house show/party across from the venue.
The show was held at Charlotte Cornfield‘s place and playing were a slew of bands.
I only managed to see abit of Hellaluya.
Hellaluya @ House show
Since I happened to see a line up forming at Ukrainian Federation.
Playing at that show were:

It was a sold out show and I was lucky enough to get into that show.
I was impressed with Nina Nielsen.
She was accompanied by Timber Timbre.
The first song she sang was in Norwegian.
She is surely a talented musician. The whole set was so intimate.
Can’t wait for a release from her very soon.

After her was ferriswheel, I’ve seen them alot of times.
But seeing them in Montreal is very different, they had a bigger audience.
Them playing at Ukrainian Federation made it more special and magical.
It was the perfect show for them.
I couldn’t be any excited seeing that set.
Maybe since they can more around more when Pietro who plays the French Horn, he went right to the edge of the stage.
Somehow I was a little worried of him falling off stage or jump off stage and interact with the audience with his French Horn.
Overall it was their best set.

Timber Timbre I only stayed for two songs.
First song being Until The Night Is Over (if I am correct).
The second song I totally forgot.
It was a very simple unique show.
It was just Timber, Simon and Mika.

I jetted off to O Patro Vys.
First time being at this venue and was surprised to how nice looking.
Surprisingly enough I was there for the last two songs of Daniel Romano.
Played a lovely intimate setting. Misha Bower was there accompanying him.
Daniel Romano @ O Patro Vys
After them I got to see Sister.
Sister happens to be ex-members of Plumtree.
They were pretty amazing live with their blend of heavy indie rock-pop.
I wonder how the Ottawa show did?
Sister @ O Patro Vys
I headed over to the Nacho House Party.
Found out that it was already packed like crazy.
Only got to see Armen at the Bazaar for just one song.
The party was insanely bad, so I was like screw it and headed out.
Armen Bazarian @ Nacho House Party
At 3 Minots, I got to see Maylee Todd‘s set.
I was blown away with her set and finally hear what her music sounds like.
It had that soul, funk, pop dance sound to it.
It was also catchy and let’s not forget that Maylee has great stage presence.
One of the best nights I had seen.
Maylee Todd @ 3 Minots
Lastly I headed up to Casa del Popolo.
Decided to see Cotton Mouth.
Very surprised that the show was totally filled with alot of people.
Also that the band has a fifth member.
By that time I was excited to see them but my body wasn’t.
It was a fun set while trying to keep myself up.
Cotton Mouth @ Casa del Popolo
There was a surprise guest and it was Braids.
That who I was most eager to see and was told through the grapevine about the secret guest.
I Braids no doubt about that. But it seems that I have bad luck when it comes to their live performances.
Mostly that they take awhile setting up their instruments and getting the sound right.
While that was happening, I found a chair and just sat and almost dozed off while they were setting.
The show started with the lead singer telling everyone that you should wear a helmet while riding a bike since one of them got into a accident *don’t worry she is fine, only a sprained ankle*.
This time I got to see them live and they sang five songs.
My favorite part was the lead singer telling everyone to jump up and down.
Good thing the floor didn’t break.
Braids @ Casa del Popolo
That was my Day 3 of Pop Montreal.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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