Pop Montreal 2012 – Parlovr & Reversing Falls @ Le Divan Orange [September 20, 2012]

After seeing Young Galaxy’s set at Breakglass Studio during Pop Montreal.
I had to bus down to Le Divan Orange.
It was the Passovah showcase at Le Divan Orange.
Parlovr @ Le Divan Orange

I got there in time for Reversing Fall‘s set.
Of course they didn’t disappoint with their indie loud grungey-garage pop music.
Also they had to call my name out which was embarrassing and don’t think the audience know who I was. 😛
This was the second time that they had a drummer.
Loved their set and hopefully they get to drop that long awaited full-length album.
Reversing Falls @ Le Divan Orange
After seeing Metz, I ran back to see Parlovr.
I got there when they were playing Heaven, Hell.
All of a sudden it was crazy!
Some girl even body surfed during the set!
The audience was moshing which is unheard of for a Parlovr show.
Really I didn’t care, just as long I am enjoying it!
Of course they played Pen To The Paper and everyone knew the lyrics to the song!
First time in a Parlovr show that I got to mosh to.
Keep up the good work guys!
Parlovr @ Le Divan Orange
Here are the rest of the photos.

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