Pop Montreal 2012 – Weird Canada (Free Outdoor Show) [September 23, 2012]

Before heading back to Ottawa.
On my final day in Montreal.
I decided to hit up Saint Viateur street (Love their bagels!) for Journée des Bons Voisins.
Also celebrating World Car Free Week where they closed off the street and transform into a pedestrian zone filled fun activities and entertainment.
Sort of like Westfest where they close of Richmond Road on Sunday but for hipsters :P.
I was there for the Weird Canada and Pop Montreal free outdoor show.
The acts that I got to see were:

I really want to see Each Other mostly.
They only sang two songs live.
Oh wow! They totally remind me of Women.

Old and Weird was really good.
A band from Halifax!

Surprised to see Leafer on this bill.
Hadn’t seen them in quite a long time.
Totally rocked it out!

All three acts were really great.
Fitted in nicely to what Weird Canada does!

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