Pop Montreal 2013: Majical Cloudz & Nacomi @ Sala Rossa

After the concert at Métropolis.
Decided to hit up Sala Rossa for this show.
Wanted to see how Majical Cloudz fair this time considering I saw him back in June during NXNE.
Just say I was kind of baffled last time I saw Majical Cloudz played.
Majical Cloudz @ La Sala Rossa
I arrived to the venue and caught the act Nacomi.
Here is a blurb of the band.
This Montreal-based electronic collective uses an organic approach to this percussive music genre, while still abundantly employing the standard techniques of looping and sampling.
The result is a chaotic soundtrack, with impeccable structure.

I have to say it was kind a experience to see this set (visual wise).
Nacomi @ La Sala Rossa
Finally it was Majical Cloudz turn.
At that time the venue was already packed.
This time I actually like this set.
Probably because he was happy and wasn’t grumpy last time.
Also being a sold out show, the vibe was pretty much positive.
Actually enjoyed the songs this time, lots of nodding and swaying back and forth.
When they played Mister, he got the whole audience to jump. It was crazy!
Majical Cloudz @ La Sala Rossa
Overall I really enjoy this set.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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