Pop Montreal 2015 – Day 3 [September 18, 2015]

So here is the third of five series of acts that I saw at Pop Montreal.
This took place last Friday.
While I am making a separate post for one band that I got to see and probably going to get some flack from it.
Bands and musician I saw were Tropic Harbour, Will Butler, Anamai, Greys.

Tropic Harbour @ Rialto Theatre [Pop Montreal 2015]
Edmonton’s Tropic Harbour was one a few acts who opened up for Will Butler. It was a pretty dreamy shoegaze pop set. Really enjoyed it alot!
Will Butler @ Rialto Theatre [Pop Montreal 2015]
The main attraction at Rialto Theatre was Will Butler. Finally got a chance to see him perform. Looking really spiffy for the show, it was pretty much an entertaining set. What was surprising was I happened to run to the Pop Bar next door and saw his brother Win just hanging around since Owen Pallett was the Pop-Up chef of the night. Probably he has seen/heard his music alot
Anamai @ Rialto Hall [Pop Montreal 2015]
Over at the Rialto Hall (which is very nice upstairs) Caught like one song of Toronto’s Anamai. She literally had full band! People were sitting and enjoying her haunting swampy music.
Greys @ Theatre Fairmount [Pop Montreal 2015]
Over at Theatre Fairmount, things got pretty rocking with Toronto’s Greys.
That was it for Friday night at the festival wait until you see the next posting about one controversial band.
Click below for more photos!
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