Pop Montreal 2018 [Day 3]

On the third day of Pop Montreal 2018.
Here was what went on from Friday.
Started off by checking out the Mile End Block Party.
Caught most of Jacobus.
If you aren’t familiar with his other band Radio Radio, it is mostly Acadian hip-hop and electronic music. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Made it into the sold out show at Rialto Theatre with Bill Callahan, Badge Epoque and Ada Lea.
Ada Lea was the first to perform.
Wonderful intimate indie alternative pop music. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Toronto’s Badge Époque Ensemble delivered an instrumental psych-rock flute funk music! 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Bill Callahan delievered a wonderful intimate set of his singer-songwrite folk rock music,
I wasn’t familiar with his music nor the band he was in called Smog.
But the audience was very attentive and enjoyed his music. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018

Dropped into the Fairmount Theatre to check out The Charlatans perform.
Man! Was I taken back! It was like re-living 1990s Britpop music and I couldn’t be more happy and excited by it!
I was guessing the demographic was like around 35 years and over. 9/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Then ended the night back to Rialto to see parts of Lena Platonos‘ set.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but people were telling me that she came all the way from Greece.
Apparently, she is the premiere dark synth goddess.
I would have enjoyed it more if people didn’t sit on their butts on the floors.
It was very crowded not knowing if I shouldn’t be dancing or not. 6/10.
Pop Montreal 2018

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