Grimes, Gobble Gobble, Pat Jordache and Hooded Fang @ Mavericks

Gobble Gobble @ Mavericks

Annually the people at Pop Montreal does their Pop Off! Tour in the summer.
This year the acts doing the mini tour were:

At first, there was word that Gobble Gobble couldn’t make due to an accident.
But luckily they made it and did a brilliant and wild set.

The first band to play was Toronto’s Hooded Fang.
I was excited to see them because they just dropped their new album Tosta Mista.
I have to say they are getting better and better each time when they come to Ottawa.
There was a good turnout and I really want a great success for them.
I noticed that Don McKellar was in attendance.
My guess he was there to see them because they were the only act in Toronto on that bill.
Get Tosta Mista and also Album (Review).
Hooded Fang @ Mavericks
Second band was Pat Jordache.
Another act I was excited to see.
This is the second time I’ve seen them live.
Last time was at NXNE.
Still amazes me to see the two drummers go in unison.
Great experimental rock set!
Pat Jordache @ Mavericks
Third was Grimes
Another act who I saw at NXNE.
This was her first time in Ottawa.
Looked alot of people were there to see her with all the buzz.
All I can say she was so cute and had that innocence and shyness on stage.
Mostly danced to her music.
Surprising she got encore because the audience who was there wanted more.
Again it was like her music makes you feel like you are on something without being on it.
Here is my interview with Grimes.
There is a part I get interrupted by strangers.

Grimes @ Mavericks
Lastly caught abit of Gobble Gobble.
It was a unique setup with Cecil (lead singer) on the stage and two of the members on the floor.
Great they made it to Ottawa for their show with what just happened.
Cecil made the audience scream from an advice he got from Rich Aucoin.
Of course they put on a elaborate and wild set filled with stilts, shovels, drums and fabrics.
Gobble Gobble @ Mavericks
Here are the rest of the photos.

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