Pop Montreal 2011 – Sold Out Show w/ tUnE-yArDs, Pat Jordache & Touchy Mob @ Ukrainian Federation

Definitely one of the “it” shows at Pop Montreal on September 23, 2011.
A sold out show with tUnE-yArDs, Pat Jordache and Touchy Mob at the Ukrainian Federation.
Very anticipated show because it was tUnE-yArDs.
This was the only time this year that I went to a show at Ukrainian Federation and there is something special about that venue.

The show started off with Berlin’s Touchy Mob.
A solo guy who plays a mix of electronica and dancey music.
I actually really liked his set.
Got me moving to some of the beats of his music.
Just think of a dancey version of Iron & Wine (mostly with the beard).
Touchy Mob @ Ukrainian Federation
Pat Jordache was next.
They put on a great rocking set.
I’ve seen them live various times.
This was their best set ever part in due to being a Montreal act.
Pat Jordache @ Ukrainian Federation
Lastly it was tUnE-yArDs to go on stage.
That was when the audience decided to move up near the stage.
In all the times I’ve been to this venue.
This had to be the most fun and craziest show ever.
Usually with seated venues, people would just sit but not for this show.
People actually stood up.
tUnE-yArDs @ Ukrainian Federation
Merrill came on stage with a nice dress and earrings.
Started off with a acapella song and it was simply mind-blowing.
Then it went off to the highly upbeat “My Country”.
It was mostly songs from the album w h o k i l l.
Don’t remember if she played any from Bird Brains.
She did the new song that she got help from the Pop Montreal Symposium choir.
tUnE-yArDs @ Ukrainian Federation
Here is a video of the new song from SingingLamb.

Overall it was one hot, sweaty and out of this world show!
Here are the rest of the photos.

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