Pop Montreal 2018 [Day 2]

Sorry for the delay on my coverage of Pop Montreal 2018.
These were who I saw on the second day of the festival.
Began by seeing Toronto’s Luka perform at Phonopolis.
Wonderful intimate singer-songwrite folk pop music. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
I actually went to SAT for the first time. It was the last night of the Reb Bull Music Festival.
Boy! What a mistake! Literally, it was hard to photograph and things were sort of not on time.
Sorry if this part will be not to your liking.
Honeydrip was the usual DJ set. 6/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Chattangooga Tennessee rapper Bbymutha. Things was getting delayed due to audio problems but got the show going with some dirty electro-hip/hop rap. 6/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
DOSS put on a decent EDM set. At times I actually pulsating beats! 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Montreal’s littlebabyangel performed. I was excited to see his set due to some buzz surrounding his album GADA which was free to download earlier this year.
It was an intense set of experimental R&B and electro music. It was like a mix of Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and whoever in that realm of music. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Ending the night at SAT was no other than SOPHIE.
Let’s say I was kind of disappointed with the set but I forgot that it was Red Bull Music Festival meaning it would be all things electro-DJ sets.
Literally, it was just a DJ set. She had two set-ups and no singing.
Music was great but I probably had too much high expectations going into this. 5/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Headed over to the basement of Rialot Theatre for the late night show.
Caught the last song of Gabriella Cohen. Nice indie alternative folk pop music. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Then it was King Khan and the Shrines.
This totally made my night!
I wasn’t expecting a wild crazy show filled with rock, soul, funk, and insanity! 10/10.
Pop Montreal 2018

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